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It’s Time to Schedule Your Spring Aeration!

Relieve Soil Compaction and Reduce Thatch

We recommend that warm season grass types, like the ones found in the south, are aerated in late spring through summer.  

Whose lawn needs aeration? That’s simple...everyone’s lawn requires it (and two times a year is better than one!).

What are the benefits of core aeration?

  1. Relieves soil compaction. Ever tried to breathe under the covers for a long time? Warm season grasses can experience the same sensation when soil compaction occurs. Plant roots need breathing room to flourish. The breathing room allows water and nutrients to reach the roots.  And happy roots, mean happy plants.

  2. Improve drainage. When soil compaction is eliminated, water percolates into the ground, which also prevents runoff and erosion.

  3. Control thatch. Warm season grasses have stolons that live above the dirt. If too much thatch is present, the stolon roots will try to survive in the thatch making them easily harmed by winter cold snaps. Aerating breaks up thatch and allows stolon roots to reach the soil, making the plant hardier.

  4. Increase lawn density. After aerating, the roots, stolons, and rhizomes will fill in the aeration holes increasing the density of your lawn.

Contact your local Weed Man to schedule your spring/summer aeration today!

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